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What is filler injection? How long to keep and things to note

Cosmetic filler injection is a popular beauty trend with outstanding advantages compared to traditional methods: no surgery, no invasiveness, no downtime, and still achieve aesthetic purposes. This is considered a quick, cost-effective, and highly effective cosmetic procedure. What is filler injection? Are filler injections safe? And how are fillers used? Let’s find out with Top Beauty through the article!

Filler injection is the injection of biological fillers into the cosmetic area to shape the skin on the body, lift the subcutaneous tissue to remove wrinkles, increase the size of some parts of the body. Filler injections are commonly used to:

  • Filler injection for rhinoplasty:
  • Filler filler injection, lip shaping:
  • Inject chin filler:
  • TFiller injection to fill the temples:
  • Injecting filler under eye bags:
  • Fill in the smile line with filler:
  • Filler injection buttock:

The execution time of this method is very quick, about 15-20 minutes. The specialist will anesthetize first and use specialized needles to inject into the area to be aesthetic.

–           Structure :

Injectable fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid as a natural substance that exists in the body and almost immediately forms a mass of subcutaneous tissue. The nature of this substance is benign and safe, can quickly adapt to the body without causing any reactions or side effects. This method is considered to be quite safe, non-allergic or painful for high efficiency and can be kept for a certain time. Filler injection is safe or not depends on the skill of the doctor. Although the filler injection technique is simple, it requires meticulousness and high expertise in the anatomical structure of the body to master the injection, avoiding the injection into the surrounding areas, causing blood vessel blockage or non-standard shaping.

– Duration of filler injection:

Fillers used in cosmetology are considered as a natural substance that exists in the human body, they will be eliminated through the sweat glands and the cosmetic area will return to its original shape. So, how long is the duration of filler injections?

Nose chin filler injection

Depending on the area that is injected with filler on the body, the way to take care of the aesthetic area and the time of living, the filler injection in each person will have a different duration. The average term is usually 6-24 months. However, if you take good care of the aesthetic area and live in moderation, you can prolong the filler injection for another 6 months. After this time, the biological filler will be eliminated according to the body’s natural mechanism and the aesthetic area will return to its original size. At this point, you can continue to inject filler to recreate the old shape or choose a new and trendy shape.

Who can use filler injections

Filler injections are structured like a substance that exists in the body. Therefore, fillers can be used in a variety of other cosmetic areas: injecting filler in the temples, injecting filler in the buttocks, injecting filler in the chin, etc.

  • This method is suitable for both men and women over 18 years olds
  • For those who are self-deprecating about body defects such as being sunken or not full.
  • Those of you who want to be beautiful but are afraid of pain and do not want to touch the cutlery

– Notes before injecting filler

To avoid unnecessary complications after injection, what you need to know before injecting fillers is very important

  • Determine the exact origin and expiry date of the filler
  • Do not use filler that has been opened, without a protective label
  • Use the correct needle point
  • Choose a specialist with many years of experience to properly inject filler and create the most accurate shape.

– Notes after injecting filler

After injecting filler is completed, you have completed half of the way, the remaining half of the way will be abstaining and preserving the aesthetic area after injection :

  • Do not drink alcohol, beer, stimulants such as coffee… in the first 2 weeks after injection.
  • Abstain from seafood for the first 2 weeks
  • Do not stay in a room with high temperatures such as a sauna
  • Do not massage, massage or have a strong impact on the area that has just injected filler because it can deviate the filler, affecting the shape of the cosmetic area after injection.
  • Avoid exposure to UV rays
  • Avoid stress, keep your mind relaxed, relax
  • Provide adequate water for the body
  • Limit fast food.


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