Cosmetic lip spray

Lip spraying for naturally beautiful lips, full of charm

A plump, sexy lips is the factor that creates the attraction to help a radiant smile make the face more beautiful. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have perfect lips. The birth of lip spraying method has created a beauty revolution at the top of natural glossy lips and beautiful lips.

In addition to microblading eyebrow methods, lip spraying is also one of the strengths of Top Beauty during the past years. Currently, the lip spraying method is successfully applied by Top Beauty and attracts the attention of women by a team of professionals with many years of experience, high aesthetic taste, bringing satisfaction and peace of mind. Absolutely for customers.

Technology lip tattoo spray – Beautiful lips anytime, anywhere


Dull, dark or pale lips, lack of life

 –  Lip color is less fresh, not in harmony with skin color and hair color

 – The lip color hasn’t improved even though I’ve tried many different ways

 –  Bad lips, with defects in lip shape, lip contour, lip wings


Lip spraying is a technique to create beautiful natural lip color combined with perfect lip shape correction to bring beautiful natural lips anytime, anywhere for customers.

With the application of new generation tattoo technology, there is a modern tattoo sprayer with a 0.2mm micro-needle to put tattoo ink extracted from natural herbs evenly and penetrate deeply into the lip cells. , lip tattoo spray helps to treat dark lips, create fresh, beautiful natural lip colors anytime, anywhere for customers.


The Lip spraying process is carried out gently in 30-45 minutes for normal lips, 45-60 minutes for dark lips, saving customers maximum time.

Normally, after 5-7 days, the lip color will be correct, even, standard and naturally beautiful as the lip color selected by the customer.


+ Tattoo ink extracted from 100% natural herbs, safe, skin-friendly, does not cause allergies, rashes.

+ The steps of lip tattooing are carried out according to the correct procedure

+ Results of lip tattoo spray are stable from 3 to 5 years because tattoo ink has high adhesion and colorfastness.

Note: The effect depends on the atopic of each person

How is the lip injection procedure at Top Beauty done?

At Top Beauty, the cosmetic lip spray process is carried out according to the cosmetic tattoo spray process to ensure absolute safety and long-term effectiveness for customers through the following steps:

Step 1: Visit and consult at our shop

You will be consulted by experts on the condition and color method suitable for you before proceeding with the service.

Step 2: Clean and disinfect the lip area

To avoid bacterial infection during lip spray, you will be cleaned with antiseptic water in the lip area and rinsed with physiological salt.

Step 3: Anesthetize the skin

Before proceeding with lip spraying, you will be numbed with a specialized anesthetic technique to protect you comprehensively, without pain and always feel comfortable during the lip spray process.

Step 4: Conduct lip spraying

After completing the preparation steps, the technicians will adjust the vibration to suit each person’s lip area. Then proceed to spray the lips according to the previously agreed shape and color.

Step 5: Take care of your lips after spraying

Immediately after completing lip spraying procedure at Top Beauty, you can return immediately without any rest. For the best lip spraying effect, the specialist will guide you with some notes to take care of and nourish your lips at home and schedule a follow-up appointment.

At Top Beauty, lip tattoo ink color is a high-quality ink, imported directly from the US, Korea… completely extracted from non-toxic natural herbs, ensuring aesthetic effect and absolute safety for patients. customer.

Salon Top Beauty is a prestigious address for women to lip spraying

Salon Top Beauty is proud to be the beauty address chosen by 100% of women after visiting. When you come to us, you will be consulted by a team of good consultants to choose colors, draw suitable beautiful models based on hair color, skin color and face, accurate color gamut, giving you perfect lip tattoo results. Natural, lifelike beauty especially maintains long-term results without being invasive, causing no pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Do not hesitate to contact us immediately for advice and more details about lip spray service and other services at Salon Top Beauty.


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