Eyeliner spraying

Eyeliner spraying is an effective and long-lasting form of eye makeup compared to pencil eyeliner. Eyeliner spraying will help overcome the defects of 1 eyelid, small eyes. Spraying the upper eyelid or the lower eyelid depends on the characteristics of each person’s eyes.

Criteria for spraying beautiful, natural-looking eyeliner

Eyeliner spraying is a long-term beauty method for the eyes that is favored by many women. Modern techniques will help the eyes become bigger and rounder, highlight the face, glitter and more attractive. However, not everyone after spraying has achieved the desired effect. Here are some criteria for spraying eyelids to help beautiful eyes look like the real thing:

– Create sharp, soft, natural-looking eyelid contours

– The thin, delicate spray line is suitable for eyes, preferences, personality and harmony with the face

– Ink sprays on standard, even colors, not too light or too dark, patchy

– Long-lasting effect, no fading, greening,…

  1. eyeliner spraying technology:

Eyeliner spraying is a micro-touch embroidery technique, using an ultra-thin needle to create a black or brown border right next to the lash line to help sharp and natural eyelids, contributing to the eyes becoming big and deep.

Modern technology only affects the epidermis of the eyelid skin, with a micro-needle made by a team of experts with many years of experience, the standard procedure should ensure safety, no pain, no pain. invasive or irritating to the client.

Outstanding advantages

  • Safety and quality: Modern technology with tattoo ink extracted from rare natural herbs ensures safety for the sensitive eyelid area.
  • Natural beauty: Spraying eyelid liner to overcome the shortcomings of the eyes such as small eyes, lined eyelids, unbalanced eyes, creating sharp, natural-beautiful eyelids.
  • Long-term stable effect: Beautiful eyelids are durable and can be maintained for 3-5 years depending on the location of each customer.
  • No pain, no swelling, no downtime: The technique of spraying eyelid liner only affects the epidermis layer of the skin, will not be invasive, not hurt. At the same time, before the procedure, the client will be anesthetized in the injection area, so there will be no pain.


Quick process

Step 1: Consult service, eyelid color, eyelid shape suitable for customers.

Step 2: Draw eyelid shape for customers to choose the right shape

Step 3: Anesthetize the eyelid area

Step 4: Apply Liner eyelid spray

Step 5: Clean the eyelid area

Step 6: Instruct customers to take care of eyelids after spraying

2.Korean eyelid spray technology.

Korean eyelid sprayinging is a technique to create sharp eyelid contours, suitable for the face but still retaining the natural beauty with modern tattoo machines, high quality tattoo ink and skillful techniques.


Outstanding advantages


  • Create big and beautiful eyes naturally: Eyelid sprayinging with Korean technology will give you big and round eyes with sharp, soft eyelid contours, contributing to a youthful and radiant face.


  • Safe, long-lasting effect: Tattoo ink is imported from Korea with natural extracts and is tested, ensuring safety for the skin. Results remain stable from 3 to 5 years depending on each person’s location


  • No pain, no swelling, no need to rest: Before the procedure, the client will be numbed so there will be no burning pain during the procedure. Immediately after spraying, women can live and work normally without any downtime.


The Korean eyelid tattooing process includes 4 steps:

Step 1: Visit and consult

Step 2: Cleanse, clean eyelids

Step 3: Incubate eyelids

Step 4: Carry out eyeliner spraying


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