Eyelash extensions

To have deep and beautiful eyes without spending time on makeup, many women have chosen eyelash extensions. The continuous eyelash extension service is very diverse and has many types. So, what is the most popular type of eyelash extension today? Let’s consult with Beauty Page now.

  • Classic eyelash extensions

This is the most popular type of eyelash extension today, so it is applied by many eyelash extensions salons. In this way, the worker will use each false eyelash to connect to each real eyelash. Thanks to that, the eyelashes look very natural. This method has the advantage that the eyelashes will be longer and curled. Moreover, the eyelashes are quite gentle, not heavy or heavy on the eyes, suitable for women with weak eyelashes. This method of eyelash extension is quite simple and the implementation time is quick.

Eyelash extension style is suitable for those who have weak natural eyelashes mi

  • Volume eyelashes extension:

This eyelash extension method uses 3D, 4D fan technology to create black and thick eyelashes. In which, the worker will use a fan of 3-4-5 false eyelashes to form a bunch on a real eyelash. With eyelash extensions often used by girls who love personality and stand out. The strength of volume eyelashes is to make the eyes become big and round, highlighted by thick thick eyelashes.

  • Katun eyelash extensions

Beautify your beauty “window to the soul”

The Katun eyelash extension method is a harmonious combination between classic and volume lashes. The end result is a set of lashes that are neither too thick nor too thin. This makes the eyelashes look natural and creates an impressive highlight, helping the owner to have big, sparkling eyes.

  • Eyelash extensions angel

Natural eyelash extensions suitable for all girls

This is a complex eyelash extension technique that requires the performer to have high ingenuity and meticulousness. This method of eyelash extension, the worker will connect two symmetrical false eyelashes between a real eyelash to create a V-shape. The advantage of this method is to create lashes of moderate thickness, not too thin like natural eyelash extensions. but not as thick as the volume. However, this type of eyelash extension takes a lot of time.

Above are the 4 hottest types of eyelash extension services applied by Top Beauty. If you need eyelash extensions, give us a call to schedule an appointment or come directly for a free consultation.


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