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At Top Beauty, every customer when applying cosmetic tattoo spraying will be performed by well-trained professionals with in-depth knowledge of tattoo spraying along with high aesthetic taste. Top Beauty invests 100% of human and material resources to quickly achieve the goal in the shortest time.

With the skillful hands of a professional tattoo artist with many years of experience, at Top Beauty, customers will have beautiful eyebrows, attractive and natural eye color, lip color and eye color as desired with the following services:

Microblading eyebrows : with Nano Microblading Strokes, spraying  technology: Eyebrow sculpting helps women depict soft, graceful, extremely impressive and naturally beautiful lines with the latest technology from Europe. .

Lip spraying : a sexy lip is always the desire of women. Lipstick is a beauty treatment but it takes time, so color tattooing is an optimal and simple solution.

Natural eyeliner spraying : with the eyelid spray service at Top Beauty, you will have a beautiful, sparkling, harmonious eye that is suitable for your face.

The outstanding tattoo spraying technology with micro-touch needles, only lightly affects the skin surface at a depth of not more than 0.2mm, so it does not cause swelling, pain and minimizes damage, tattooing after tattooing. Premium inkjet ink is directly clicked, with completely natural extracts, friendly to all skin types, ensuring absolute safety for customers.

In addition to the above services, Top Beauty also has services such as eyelash extensions, nail care, and pedicure that also attract the attention of women. With a team of skilled staff, many years of experience, we promise to be the correct choice for the process of recreating the beauty, youthfulness and confidence of women.


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