Microblading shading

Microblading shading beautiful natural eyebrows at Top Beauty

This is a new step in eyebrow embroidery, the esthetician uses a specialized eyebrow knife with a very sharp and small blade to put tattoo ink into the epidermis and carve each eyebrow according to the natural shape of the eyebrow. real. Each hair is meticulously drawn with a slightly large, light head, a thin, bold middle and a sharp, but curved tail at the end.


Which object is Microblading shading suitable for :

Microblading shading with many outstanding advantages is not only suitable for women but also for men. Girls with thin, pale, unclear eyebrows who want to have a delicate, soft eyebrow shape.

* Tool

The tool used Microblading shading is quite simple, including a thin blade for sculpting and 2 plugs with different functions. One pen helps you to get straight hairs, and one pen helps you to sculpt curved brows.

* Skill

The Microblading shading technique creates very natural-looking eyebrows without surrounding borders, which can be offset between the real eyebrows, helping to shape the fur. Because sculpting each eyebrow rather than spraying an entire surface, this is considered the only technique to help you have super natural eyebrows.

The hairs are formed extremely small and engraved in the natural growth direction of the real eyebrow hair, so it is possible to create 3D stereoscopic eyebrows. With the same 3D sculpting technique, the eyebrows are created to look natural, lifelike and if you just look at it normally, it’s hard to tell if you have cosmetic intervention.

* Advantages:

Although it is a new method in the field of eyebrow aesthetics, Microblading shading has many outstanding advantages as follows:

– The equipment is very simple, just an engraving handle and an engraving knife. This means that the sterilization of tools is easier and more thorough, minimizing the transmission of diseases to customers.

– Does not cause pain and causes less bleeding for customers. The specialist will use a blade to carve lightly on the skin with a depth of 0.2mm and can completely control the depth, so it hardly causes damage to the skin surface, less bleeding, so it has little effect on the color. ink later.

– This is the only method to bring back natural beauty, very suitable for customers with too thin eyebrows.

* Procedure:

Step 1: Consult and examine to choose the right eyebrow shape for your face.

Step 2: Clean and shape eyebrows.

Step 3: Apply numbing before performing.

Step 4: Conduct eyebrow sculpting.

Step 6: Finish the process and advise after Microblading shading.

Safe and effective eyebrow sculpting service at Top Beauty

Currently, there are many eyebrow sculpture addresses, but not all facilities are qualified to operate and bring the desired effect. Coming to Top Beauty to experience this service, you will feel secure and satisfied because:

– Top Beauty is a prestigious and quality beauty address.

– A beautician advises the right eyebrow shape for customers.

– Made by skilled professionals with many years of experience, the eyebrows after sculpting will be as beautiful as expected.

– Environment and specialized equipment and tools always bring safety to customers.

With the above criteria, Top Beauty is a reliable beauty service and address for you.


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