Microblading Hairstroke

Hairstroke uses a cosmetic sprayer combined with a micro-needle or nano-needle tip to deliver ink into the skin. So it will minimize skin damage such as bleeding and swelling.

Hairstroke is superior to Microblading or Shading in terms of product perfection, you can hardly see which is real and which is fake. This technique brings out the most natural eyebrow hair, you can notice the characteristic is the long curved fiber, thin strokes and soft curving in the direction of the existing eyebrow.

In general, this is a modern and sophisticated PMU technique, so it requires technicians to be highly skilled and meticulous.

Hairstroke has improved most of the weaknesses, superior in both efficiency and duration of use:

– Eyebrow products after peeling off limit the possibility of fiber expansion, fiber breakage or fading ink color.

– Keep the color on the skin better and more durable over time

– Suitable for all skin types, including thin and oily skin

You will be advised to reapply color after Hairstroke at about 9-12 months.


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